Sunflowers for Landscaping

I started our sunflowers in pots this year as we were having an extremely wet spring which made our yard really hard to work.

I grew some dwarf sunflowers thinking they would grow about four feet tall but they didn’t even get two feet tall which made for really cute sunflowers.

I planted two of the dwarf sunflowers in my newest raised beds I started straight out from our south facing kitchen window. That way we would enjoy them from inside and people walking on the sidewalk would enjoy them from the street

I transplanted two others into a large flower pot and set them on one corner of the hugelkultur bed I started last summer. That was so I could see them and enjoy them from my office window and see how the pollinators are doing.
Transplanted Some Giants In The Veggie Garden

This was my first year planting a giant sunflower variety and loved them so I am going to be growing many more giants next year.

People walking down the sidewalk past our house would stop and stare at the giant sunflowers standing tall in our garden. Even people with cars would drive past our house really slow as they looked in on the sunflowers.

I enjoy seeing others enjoying our sunflowers so much that I plan to grow a few rows about ten feet long with a row of dwarfs in front of them.

Plenty of Pollinators

I’ve read that the bee population has dropped significantly due to pesticide us. We don’t use poisons and saw more bees this year than any year before.

Bees weren’t the only pollinators but the bees we did have came in all sizes from bumble bees down to tiny sweat bees about the size a grain of rice.

I spent a lot of time taking their pictures and shooting a few videos of bees enjoying our sunflowers.

It has been chilly the in the mornings for the past couple of weeks but we haven’t had any frost yet. The bees in the picture above are waiting for the sun to get a bit stronger so they can heat up and start their day.
Sunflowers Are Now For The Birds

Well it’s been a chilly 4 Celsius the past few mornings and the sunflowers are fading. A couple of the giant sunflowers have been cleaned of seeds by birds already. I did rescue on giant sunflower seed head and put it in the garage away from the birds. These will be next years seeds.

I took a close up of a giant sunflower leaf holding it with my hand so you can see just how big they are. I was amazed at their size.

The giant sunflowers didn’t stop at just one flower head. As the season progress two of them that were grown separately started producing more flower heads, one at the base of each big leaf.

Other Sunflowers I Enjoy In Moncton

When I leave the house for a walk I have to decide which direction to take. But really it doesn’t matter because people in Moncton love sunflowers so I see them no matter the direction I head out in. Here are a few pictures I have taken on my walks this summer. Sunflowers only of course.